EU Agriculture Commission: Enough with the Hypocrisy on the Livestock Industry


Several MPs of the European Parliament Agriculture Commission have proposed to reduce subsidies for intensive agriculture and livestock farming. Finally. This reform, which must be firstly approved by the European Parliament before the end of the mandate, presents itself as a concrete measure to curb the livestock industry and (consequently ) the damages it causes […]

Spain: Anti Palm Oil Claims are Misleading


Trapa was wrong. So are all food companies using labels to discriminate palm oil for commercial purposes. We warned Spanish consumers a few weeks ago. We are now glad to notice that the Spanish Association for the Self-Regulation of Commercial Communication shares our view. The self-regulatory body of the advertising industry has stated that Trapa […]

Science Debunks Environmentalist Fake-News

palm oil

One of the main reasons behind palm oil’s boycott has always been its relationship with deforestation. Science, number, and facts actually prove that supporting sustainable palm oil is the only solution to prevent further deforestation. Check out our charts. 1.Did you know that palm oil is the crop with the highest yield per hectare? Yes. 3.8 tonnes […]

Lidl’s Incoherence


Lidl own branded products sold in SWITZERLAND contain sustainable palm oil. Lidl acknowledges that palm oil is a high-quality ingredient whose supply chain is subject to stringent safety checks, attesting its sustainability. By doing so, Lidl contributes to: promoting environmental sustainability and biodiversity; fostering economic growth and job creation in developing areas of the world; protecting […]

EU wants to pull out all of the medicines from the market


Somehow, Europe’s technocrats always manage to dissatisfy everyone. Starting from May 2020, producers of drugs and medical devices – ranging from generic items to more sophisticated ones – will see the current registration and certification regime tighten up with a closer supervision by national governments. The purpose of this Regulation is to supposedly protect European […]

Greenpeace Got It Right: Less Sustainable Palm Oil, Less Orangutans

palm oil

Finally, Greenpeace got it right: palm oil is the most sustainable supply chain. Demonizing it would be socially and environmentally counterproductive: NO PALM OIL = NO SDGs. Finally, Greenpeace understood that there is a war against palm oil, a war in which they have a role too. Finally, Greenpeace might decide to switch to the right side. Finally, […]