Western Liberal Democracies Are Not In Crisis

Here an excerpt of the edtiorial written by Pietro Paganini and published in The Daily Caller on June 1st There’s no need to worry: western liberal democracies are not in crisis. The ground gained by various forms of populism and the unsophisticated reemergence of ideologies considered dead and buried cannot be attributed to the failure of liberalism. […]

We must support innovation and intellectual property rights


Open letter to the Director General of WHI to support innovation and intellectual property rights protection. Health requires both of them. Innovation and intellectual property must be at the core of the next World Health Assembly organized by the WHO. Competere, along with a coalition of European think tanks, has published and sent to the Director General […]

ForFreeChoice Celebrates World IP Day, Launches Open Letter to WIPO

Today we celebrate the World IP Day. Protecting intellectual property rights is fundamental to foster innovation and economic growth.  World IP Day, ForFreeChoice, in partnership with Property Rights Alliance, is proud to stand with content creators and rights holders around the world to fight for stronger, more effective intellectual property rights. This year ForFreeChoice is especially proud to […]

EU pharmaceutical incentives review: Innovation must be at the core of Commission strategy


As the European Commission prepares to release its long-awaited and controversial review of pharmaceutical innovation incentives, a coalition of think tanks, NGOs and academics from a range of European countries today urge policymakers to put innovation at the heart of it. “Innovation is paramount to Europe’s future economic growth. Yet EU member states underspend on […]

Plain packaging: Five Years of Failure! An open letter to WHO Director Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus

“Five Years of Failure!” That’s the message a global coalition of 62 think tanks and rights advocates are sending to the new WHO Director Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus in reference to the plain packaging policy the organization continues to promote.  Five years ago, Australia became the first country to fully implement plain packaging by denying all […]

The failure of the plain package

The Australian plain packaging legislation was implemented in December 2012. Since then, trademarks, logos, non-prescribed colors and graphics have been removed from packs. But 5 years later, there is no evidence that plain packaging has achieved (or is likely to achieve) any public health benefits. The Australian plain packaging legislation was implemented in December 2012. […]

Quality stamps and traffic light system? No thanks!

For the last years, the world’s major food wholesalers (10 mega-groups) have been pushing for the EU Commission and Parliament to adopt a directive that obliges all member states to adopt the nutritional traffic light system. It would be a real threat for citizen’s right to be correctly informed. Our freedom of choice is being […]