A Call To The EU Commission And NGOs This New Study Demolishes Fake News On Palm Oil

The new comparative study Free-from Palm Oil, but more saturates and less sustainable shows that the claim “Free-from palm oil” is highly deceiving for the consumer. READ THE SUMMARY OF THE RESEARCH The label “Free-from Palm Oil” is used to convince the consumer that food products without palm oil not only have a healthier nutritional profile […]

In Reforming the EU the Problem is not Inequality, but Fostering Individual Diversity

The problem is not equality. We are for diversity, and we promote it in Europe. Said Ralph Dahrendorf, who we want to commemorate 10 years after his passing. JOIN the conference “In reforming the EU the problem is not inequality, but fostering individual diversity” the 24th of June at 5.00 pm at Sala del Cenacolo, Chamber […]

European Election: Change the EU Vaping Regulation

Vaping products today stand as one of the most promising alternatives to tobacco. Many studies show that not only are vaping products more effective in helping smokers quit than other techniques, they are also increasing the number of smokers who try and quit. In addition, scientific evidence so far shows that they have significantly reduced […]

Reach for Gold: IP and Sports – World IP Day 2019

Celebrating 2019 World IP Day   Open Letter to WIPO Director General Francis Gurry for the World IP Day Today, April 26, 2019, we the undersigned think tanks are delighted to celebrate World Intellectual Property Day with you. Intellectual property rights (IPRs), without a doubt, are essential to the continued flourishing of human life and economic growth […]

Public Procurement in Europe: Disparity of Treatment


Public contracts in Europe continue to go to countries that do not allow European competitors to bid for their public tenders. A current debate topic has risen regarding the procurement of public contracts within the EU, with a focus on Chinese companies that continue to win European public contracts, despite EU companies being excluded from […]