EU’s Useless Contradictions

double limit

Some EU Members are trying to introduce limits that harm consumers. Who is behind this proposal?    In politically correct Europe, lobbies of large producers of rapeseed and sunflower oil are preferred to consumers’ health. Quality is sacrificed in order to safeguard the interests of electorally influential farmers and industrial groups. Some EU Member States […]

Greenpeace’s Lies

Greenpeace defamatory claims on deforestation and orangutans are crashed by data and facts in favor of countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. Greenpeace’s petition to ‘stop’ fires in Southeast Asia has, once again, put back the Indonesian forest, its flora and fauna and palm oil, at the center of a heated debate. According to Greenpeace, numerous fires in the […]

Iceland: European Hypocrisy.
UK supermarkets wipe their conscience clean at the expense of consumers.

UK supermarket chain Iceland has decided to contribute to the destruction of the planet by increasing deforestation. Removing palm oil from its own range of products will cause greater deforestation and increase pollution and poverty. What often lie behind these corporate choices are business interests and the inability of managers to cope with complex issues. […]

Palm oil is the leading industry in sustainable forestry commitments

Supply Chain - palm oil

Palm oil industry leads the way regarding the number of commitments to reducing deforestation in supply chains, shows 2017 Supply Change report*. Data suggests that progress reporting for palm commitments is becoming an industry standard, that can be attributed in part to the widespread proliferation of their main certification programs (RSPO, FSC). On the other hand, commitment rates […]

Barilla’s contradiction
Palm oil is the most sustainable crop, says Barilla 2017 Report

Barilla's contradiction

Why has Barilla replaced palm oil? In the 2017 Sustainability Report, Barilla states that alternative oils and fats are less sustainable than palm oil. With more than 50 products analyzed, our comparative study shows that palm oil free products do not have lower saturated fats necessarily. So, why has Barilla replaced palm oil? The answer is simple: capturing […]