Citizens Promote Sustainability through the Market


We, as citizens, promote sustainability in the perpetual search for greater prosperity and happiness. The market is not static. It constantly changes, adapting to social and environmental needs. Thus, through free enterprise, entrepreneurial citizens and managers of large companies have begun to invest time, effort, and resources in order to reduce the impact of human […]

Citizens Save Forests: How Palm Oil Plantations stop Deforestation

The Indonesian government’s sustainability policies are beginning to bear fruit. According to the latest data published by Global Forest Watch, the situation in Indonesia is clearly improving. Government’s policies have achieved tangible immediate results. Primary forest loss has fallen to its lowest level since 2003, continuing the promising decline started in 2016. Over the past […]

“Palm Oil Free” Fad: Facts, Fiction and Misleading Claims; Brussels – April 4, 2019

“Palm Oil Free” Fad: Facts, Fiction and Misleading ClaimsThursday 4 April – 8:45 AM  Room A5E-3, European Parliament Rue Wiertz 60, 1047 Brussels   Are “Palm Oil Free” products better for health and the environment? Are “Palm Oil Free” claims helpful for the consumer? Are they anti-competitive?   We discussed with: Alberto Cirio – Member of the European Parliament Giacomo Bandini – For […]

Save the Date: March 21 – Fake News, Hoaxes and Food Labeling

On March 21 at the Italian Chamber of Deputies (Nilde Iotti Room) the ForFreeChoice Institute will host the event Fake News, Hoaxes and Food Labeling ForFreeChoice Institute will present the comparative study “Palm Oil Free, With More Saturated Fats and Less Sustainability”   The panel speakers will be: MP Beatrice Lorenzin, Former Minister of Health […]

Spain: Anti Palm Oil Claims are Misleading


Trapa was wrong. So are all food companies using labels to discriminate palm oil for commercial purposes. We warned Spanish consumers a few weeks ago. We are now glad to notice that the Spanish Association for the Self-Regulation of Commercial Communication shares our view. The self-regulatory body of the advertising industry has stated that Trapa […]

Science Debunks Environmentalist Fake-News

palm oil

One of the main reasons behind palm oil’s boycott has always been its relationship with deforestation. Science, number, and facts actually prove that supporting sustainable palm oil is the only solution to prevent further deforestation. Check out our charts. 1.Did you know that palm oil is the crop with the highest yield per hectare? Yes. 3.8 tonnes […]