Yield Stability, We Need It, Palm Oil Has It.

The European Commission has presented its proposals toward the Common Agricultural Policy for 2021, however, little headway has been made. 

Global warming continues to be a major cause of worry surrounding our future. It causes droughts, such as that in Germany during the summer of 2018 where €340 million in drought aid was paid out by the government. It also means we have to protect what land we have left, and not allow for low yielding crops to take up too much space. 

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To guarantee our future we must solidify and protect our current territories of biodiversity while increasing and stabilizing the yield of important resource crops to support the population. 

This is where palm oil comes in. 

Not only is certified sustainable palm oil healthier and safer than its like substitutes, but it also has the highest yield per hectare of any of them. A necessary ingredient for our health, and homes, palm oil has the making to become our future.  

Already helping millions of people of South-East Asia, palm oil provides jobs, food, and sustainable living. It provides an opportunity for developing countries to grow, and more importantly, it provides people a way to live.  

With a growing population and our earth in need of help, we should be doing everything we can to support supply chains like these. Sustainable palm oil is the most sustainable vegetable oil on the market, it also has the ability to meet approximately 38.7% of the global demand despite only consisting of 6% of total land used for the production of vegetable oils. Soy, for example, occupies 40% of the world’s agricultural area dedicated to vegetable oils but only produces 22% of the total oil output. This means that palm oil has the opportunity to reduce land usage needed to produce oils and fats, thus protect the environment and biodiversity.

This will become ever more important as land becomes scarce and food becomes limited. We must begin investing in our future and supply chains such as palm oil. We cannot continue on this path of media destruction and fake news towards palm oil. The same people that overuse the claim “palm oil-free,” are the ones that are in part responsible for the lack of supporting infrastructure when we need it. 

We must stay informed, and invest in our future. 

We must follow the path of education, innovation, and sustainability

We must recognize what palm oil is to our world, an essential ingredient and a path to a better and more stable future. 

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