Palm oil free, with more saturated fats

A comparative research on nutritional profile indicated on the packaging of 25 food products in Italy. 

Palm oil is the victim of a smear campaign for clearly commercial reasons. Many food companies have removed it from their products in order to reduce saturated fats. The absence of palm oil has been clearly highlighted on packaging and in communication, associating this directly or indirectly with being healthier.

The aim of this research is to demonstrate that in many cases the absence of palm oil does not correspond to lower levels of saturated fats compared to similar products that do contain palm oil. In other cases, the benefit is barely significant from a nutritional perspective, above all when taking into account the daily diet as a whole.

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The conclusion arrived at is that the absence of palm oil displayed on packaging risks misleading citizen consumers when it comes to making choices.

Campagne Liberali is a citizens’ association that defends freedom of choice and promotes fair scientific debate. It has examined the arguments put forward by many detractors of palm oil, and has used the experimental method to demonstrate that many charges are untrue and tendentious.

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For Free Choice aims to promote scientific information and method in public discourse. For Free Choice also defends consumers’ choice rights against the smear and demonizing campaigns which aim to confuse them and benefit specific interests.


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