Trapa celebrates its 50 years promoting deforestation

The Palencia Chocolate company Trapa, created the first chocolate in Spain 50 years ago. Trapa has decided to celebrate its anniversary by sponsoring orangutans in Borneo. They argue that it is due to its commitment to the environment and the withdrawal of palm oil from its products that help stop deforestation.

Fake News

Once again, it is about using marketing and fear in the face of scientific evidence and sustainability. The fact that palm oil is removed from its products causes greater deforestation. Trapa uses sunflower oil as a substitute for palm oil. However, the palm is the crop with the highest yield per hectare. According to data from the environmental organization WWF, palm crops produce 3.8 tons per hectare compared to oils such as sunflower, which only produces 0.7 tons.

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In addition, scientific evidence shows that today, palm oil is a vegetable oil that provides energy and nutrients that must be present in a balanced and healthy diet. When it is used in products, it implies a lower use of additives and preservatives and less trans fats.

Trapa has preferred to continue collaborating with the disinformation for this new campaign. And we say go ahead and continue collaborating because it was already contacted by the Association for the Self-regulation of Commercial Communication (Self-control). This self-regulatory body of the advertising industry said a few months ago that Trapa used data partially and biased, omitting information and undermining the reputation of the palm oil supply chain.

Palm oil is a supply chain that has been making great efforts for years to be more sustainable every day. No other supply chain of vegetable oils has reached certification levels and commitment to sustainability in recent years. Proof of this is the Amsterdam Declaration. Which is a commitment to reach a fully sustainable palm oil supply chain in Europe in 2020. The governments of Denmark, France, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and the United Kingdom have already adhered to this declaration, which means taking a step forward to combat campaigns such as Trapa’s, which are based on fake news.

Save the Environment

If Trapa is really committed to the environment, we recommend betting on sustainable palm oil, which already comprises of 70% of oils used in Europe. The palm oil supply chain has contributed to the well-being of millions of people, it reduces levels of inequality and poverty, as well as guarantees development and education. Supply chains that are well planned and managed can provide better income and employment. Palm oil encourages investment in innovative services and infrastructure while developing a high-quality ingredient.

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