Science without scientific method: those bias against palm oil

scientific method

Through the scientific method, the problems of life are tackled experimentally in order to find always better solutions. According to a new study by Roberto Cazzolla Gatti, associate professor at Tomsk State University in Russia and Russian biologist Alena Velichevskaya, there is unequivocal evidence that the certification of palm oil does not guarantee “environmental sustainability”. […]

FFCI & Property Rights Alliance Celebrate World IP Day

Last 26th of April, Forfreechoice Insitute joined the Property Rights Alliance’s initiative. Along with other 92 think tanks from 49 countries to celebrate World Intellectual Property Day. Property Rights Alliance Celebrates World IP Day, Launches Open Letter to WIPO Washington, DC – Property Rights Alliance, in partnership with 91 think tanks and advocacy associations in […]

Anti-Palm Oil Claims Like a Virus around Europe

Like COVID-19 the anti-palm oil claims spread around Europe We warned you!!! Anti-Palm Oil Claims will penetrate Europe. Following the Italian path, the claim Palm Oil free is spreading throughout Europe, like a virus. Italian Food companies and retailers paved the way. They have massively used it in their commercial and marketing strategies: misleading consumers […]

Sustainable Diet: what the Eat-Lancet tells us

Sustainable Diet Today, food owns a new role as we are approaching an increasing consumer and health-conscious world. That is to improve the well-being of man and environmental sustainability. For this reason, the Eat-Lancet Commission developed the “Food in the Anthropocene: the eat-Lancet Commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems“, an interdisciplinary study focusing […]