Nutri-Score is further proof that EU policies are mostly illiberal

Nutri-Score is further proof that EU policies are illiberal

Our Freedom is newly threatened. We are experiencing the attempt to defeat certainly important problems that are affecting our health, such as obesity, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases, with the imposition of a good diet. The institutions are supposed to guarantee our freedom of choice, and not to abuse science to sneak in a way of life.

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THE NUTRI-SCORE is a new tool offered to those who rely on the healthy– and environmental– ideology, which can be used to determine our dietary behaviors.

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? The nutri-score should have the praiseworthy aim of enabling us consumers to make informed choices built on simplified information.

IS NOT NECESSARY A SEMIOLOGY COURSE to understand that the color red shows that the food is not healthy, while the green one reassures about its healthiness.

BUT WE DO NOT KNOW the reason why of the red or green. We have sectional knowledge on why red, for example, is linked to the higher presence of saturated fats (as in many Italian excellences) or sugars. But, through the hearsay, we believe that saturated fats and sugar are not good.

It is an EMOTIONAL CHOICE, not a RATIONAL one. Even nutri-score does not stimulate the critical sense. It does not provide us articulated information, instead it gives us simple ones for us to process, which in bulk correspond to the result of a scientific testing. According to institutional criteria that do not favor free choice, but oblige to an emotional journey, it lightly tells us what is good and what is dangerous.

We trust the state in the hope of feeding us properly.

We SHOULD BELIEVE IN US, AND THE STATE SHOULD create the conditions to make the largest number of people to feel the same. That is the reason why there is public school.

NUTRI-SCORE is liked by the bureaucratic as it deceives us to fill our human need with the understanding of the world by the reassuring of our future, building and strengthening our convictions. It is easier and faster for us than the work (in einaudiana key) which critical sense (in popperiana key) requires in order to face the problems tied to the nutrition and to experiment some solutions.

HEALTH AS A RELIGION is manifested through liturgies – the nutri-score, the traffic lights, the Senza, the Con, etc. – language (it hurts, it does good, it is dangerous, etc.), in a theological context that leads us to the Holy War.

The same happens also for the environment and ideological environmentalism, both of which are areas close to health. In fact, health and environmentalism are two contemporary ideologies based on precise dogmas and ideas of how the world should be. 

Unfortunately, so-called experts and too many scientists used the scientific results in a DETERMINIST key. As with Communist and Nazi regimes, science is often used to establish behaviors and not as a mean of Freedom.

For Free Choice aims to promote scientific information and method in public discourse. For Free Choice also defends consumers’ choice rights against the smear and demonizing campaigns which aim to confuse them and benefit specific interests.