Citizens’ Victory: Indonesia Stands Against “Free From” Claims Too

After Turkey and the USA, Indonesia bans the “free from palm oil” claim. Several other countries are considering intervening in this regard. Unfortunately, In Europe, Competition Authorities turn their heads the other way, escaping their responsibility towards citizens. In Indonesia, consumers’ rights are more considered than in Europe. The Government of Jakarta has banned the […]

Another Fake News Has Been Debunked: Orangutan Population Is Increasing

Palm oil

A new study produced by the WWF (researchers Simon, Davies, and Ancrenaz) confirms our most recent arguments: sustainable agriculture is the best tool to preserve biodiversity in the tropical forest while promoting productivity and economic development. The results of the study show once again that it is through business investment and citizen participation that production chains become more sustainable. According to the study, the orangutan population in […]

“The big ‘free-from’ deception”: Palm oil-free foods higher in saturates and less sustainable, finds study

Food brands are profiting from ‘free-from’ fake news, claims an Italian consumer rights organisation, after its study found ‘palm oil free’ products were higher in saturates and less sustainable than their palm oil counterparts.  Palm oil is found in a wide range of food and non-food products on supermarket shelves. The ingredient is odourless, high […]

In Reforming the EU the Problem is not Inequality, but Fostering Individual Diversity: Conference Summary

With this conference, we wanted to remark on the ideas that Dahrendorf had, foretelling the EU decline. One main point of his ideas was the inconsistency with which the European project has been managed for thirty years.  WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? For Dahrendorf, the conflict regarding rules and citizens responses represents the soul of political […]

Effects of Palm oil on the Environment; The Truth Behind the Lies

The claim “palm oil-free” aims to make the consumer believe that they are buying a more sustainable product. But is it true? To verify this, we analyzed several authoritative independent scientific studies commissioned by international bodies, governments, and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), to measure the sustainability of some of the vegetable oils most often used […]