Anti-Palm Oil Claims Like a Virus around Europe

Like COVID-19 the anti-palm oil claims spread around Europe We warned you!!! Anti-Palm Oil Claims will penetrate Europe. Following the Italian path, the claim Palm Oil free is spreading throughout Europe, like a virus. Italian Food companies and retailers paved the way. They have massively used it in their commercial and marketing strategies: misleading consumers […]

Sustainable Diet: what the Eat-Lancet tells us

Sustainable Diet Today, food owns a new role as we are approaching an increasing consumer and health-conscious world. That is to improve the well-being of man and environmental sustainability. For this reason, the Eat-Lancet Commission developed the “Food in the Anthropocene: the eat-Lancet Commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems“, an interdisciplinary study focusing […]

“Palm Oil Free” Fad: Facts, Fiction and Misleading Claims; Brussels – April 4, 2019

“Palm Oil Free” Fad: Facts, Fiction and Misleading ClaimsThursday 4 April – 8:45 AM  Room A5E-3, European Parliament Rue Wiertz 60, 1047 Brussels   Are “Palm Oil Free” products better for health and the environment? Are “Palm Oil Free” claims helpful for the consumer? Are they anti-competitive?   We discussed with: Alberto Cirio – Member of the European Parliament Giacomo Bandini – For […]

The Great Scam of ‘Free From’ Labels: a Study Confirms

palm oil

The Food Quality and Preference study, conducted by the Federal Polytechnic of Zurich in collaboration with EUFIC (European Food Information Council), focused on the relationship between consumers and food-related information such as packaging info, claims, advertising and labeling. Many companies use the “free from …” claim to attract new customers, but they often misinform them, as […]

Palm oil free, with more saturated fats – 2nd edition

The indiscriminate use of the “palm oil free” claim, that appears on the packaging of food products, risks fooling citizen consumers into making the wrong choices. A comparative analysis of the nutritional values appearing on the packaging of 60 products demonstrates that “palm oil free” product labels do not match lower levels of saturated fats. Palm oil […]

WWF Germany Report: palm oil is the most sustainable

In September 2016, WWF Germany’s launched the study “Palm Oil Report Germany: Searching for Alternatives”, which points out that replacing palm oil with other oils is not a solution for environmental degradation. The study states that replacing palm oil with other vegetable oils, especially soy or coconut ones, requires more land. Thus, it would produce a […]

Italy: FFC Writes to Regional Councilors to Stop Palm Oil Ban from Schools

In late July, the Marche Regional Council approved the 2017-2019 Public Education Plan. The plan included a recommendation, promoted by the Italian populist party Movimento 5 Stelle, that aims at banning palm oil from public schools and replacing it with other ingredients. FFC promptly reacted to the proposal and provided Regional Councilors with scientific evidences […]