How to Control Migration


Last week we left off by talking about the sustainability of palm oil plantations grown in Bangui Central Africa, by the mission of the Carmelite Friars (LINK). But their work certainly does not stop here. The purpose and fundamental importance of this mission is to create prosperity and well-being for the locals, and such an objective does not occur in a day. Our Lord, however, took 6 days to create the Earth.

The vast areas of the Central African Republic are often not used adequately. Use is biased exclusively towards subsistence agriculture, which makes little, often not even the indispensable, and is not guaranteed in the view of growth. Yet the land is there, and it is not even necessary to clear it because it is already available for cultivation.

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From here, the Carmelites plan to create new palm oil plantations that, in addition to promoting environmental sustainability, are also offered to support the economic and social development of the area, a fundamental weapon against the war. Thanks to sustainable agriculture it is possibility to overcome poverty with all the benefits that come with it, including a control over the migration process to Europe. Sustainable palm oil plantations, along with other activities such as brick production, help promote economic and social growth while simultaneously preserving nature.

Thanks to the work of the missionaries, dozens of children now have jobs and a future.

The plantation managed by the mission of the Carmelite brothers in the Central African Republic employs several children of different ages and religions. The mission of Father Trinchero has entered so much in contact with the society and the local reality that the citizens of Bangui have renamed the district ‘Carmelo’ in honor of our Carmelite brothers.

Palm oil therefore offers these young people a chance to become part of society and build a better tomorrow. And the success stories prove it. A boy from the plantation, investing in his earnings in his musical career, managed to become a successful singer in Bangui, celebrating the work of Father Trinchero in several of his most popular songs.

The dream of the Carmelite friars was to create the environment in the country, which was sustainable and guaranteed a certain level of development. Today we can say that they succeeded. Thanks to sustainable palm oil, the friars are able to offer these boys a better future in Africa. The agricultural potential of the region is enormous. As Father Trinchero confirmed in an interview “You can really feel good here, you can create many sustainable businesses. Our economic dream”.

Here the trade war and the deceptions towards consumers with the use of without labels is the question of the day. Fortunately, in the Central African Republic we talk about sustainability and the future. All that is possible thanks to sustainable palm oil, which offers thousands of kids the chance to stay at home with an assured future.

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