Hypocrites, Liars, and Deceivers: The Truth Behind Companies Support for the LGBT Community

Incredible strides have been made by the LGBT community in gaining rights and respect. It is no longer socially expectable in many areas to act with homophobia or discrimination towards those with different sexual or gender-related preferences. Following in the citizens’ path, companies have learned that by openly discriminating or supporting anti-LGBT endeavors, they lose […]

How To Control Immigration: A Story From Africa

Sustainable agriculture is the best tool to defeat poverty and slow down immigration. Sustainable palm oil plantations help promote economic and social development and environmental sustainability. In the heart of Africa, more precisely in the Central African Republic, the Piedmontese priest Federico Trinchero leads a project that employs 500 young people, taking them away from armed groups, in the production […]

Developing Countries Will Pay the Bill for Our Environmentalism

The environment needs to be saved – but not at the cost of developing nations  For those who can afford to have a smart thermostat, which regulates the temperature based on outside temperatures, it is a great convenience. But it has a cost. Environmental protection and development are undoubtedly just and noble causes but they […]

A Call To The EU Commission And NGOs This New Study Demolishes Fake News On Palm Oil

The new comparative study Free-from Palm Oil, but more saturates and less sustainable shows that the claim “Free-from palm oil” is highly deceiving for the consumer. READ THE SUMMARY OF THE RESEARCH The label “Free-from Palm Oil” is used to convince the consumer that food products without palm oil not only have a healthier nutritional profile […]